Thursday, 16 February 2017

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Americans have been perhaps immune to super hero films; this can be the opinion of anyone who has been keeping a close eye on the box office of American films. Actually, there are a few reasons behind that. America’s own modernity has shown the people so much of the world that nothing else than something super natural appeals to their minds. For the whole last decade the films that were based on super natural heroes or superstitious stunts have gained a lot of fame in a very short while and have broken the previous records for so many times. 

Perhaps, this was the reason in the mind of Anthony Russo behind making this film because all the commercial aspects of a film have been properly covered in this featuring film. When it comes to action what better can you expect than Marvel Comics, who is already known for his great looks and suits the character due to his physique.

The Winter Soldier (2014) Review

He is playing Captain America in the film with new costumes and dazzling looks. The cinematography of the film shows how much money has been invested and after all its Marvel Studios that is behind the scene so the film is quite rich in its impression. Christopher Markus is behind the generation of this story who is famous for his other writings as well. He is considered to be one of the best writers of his time and the interesting fact is that he intended captain America to be a sequel and he was designing it in the same way when Anthony Russo popped in and the auditions for the rest of the cast started.

Scarlett Johansson, who is playing Natasha Romanoff in the film and is declared as Black Widow, has a very deep role in the film. The twist of the film revolves around this character which remains silent until it gets its partner Roger. Scarlett Johansson appears in the film as a highly trained person for spying. 

Christopher Markus, the writer of the film, says that he introduced the character of black widow in order to generate a contrast with captain America. And this is so true about the film. She turns out to be an extremely modern person who is not very reverent and instead of talking shit she remains straight forward throughout the film. While on the other hand we see Steve to behave as an English man of 40s, who is not party boy sort of thing.

rather he evinces a moral center. By creating this situation, he says, he generated the margin for very interesting and intelligent dialogues in the film which play the main role in holding the high stream of the film. No matter how great actor you have casted for your film, finally it is the story of the film that helps audience to stick to their seats. You may have seen films that had high rated cast but they just flopped because the story was weak. Here in this film you will feel the grandeur of a super hero and the story will tie you to your seat.

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