Thursday, 16 February 2017

Divergent Movie Review (2014)

The days are gone when the audience used to be simple enough to be charmed by explicit love scenes and romantic moves of the heroes and heroines. The audience of today is highly educated and evinces a great exposure of films. In such cases it becomes really difficult for the director to attain the attention of the audience. Perhaps, this is the reason why the science fictions films have been ruling the Hollywood for the last 3 decades now. They are considered to be genres which the audience is never sick off and wants more and more of it. 

The most effective factor for the audience in the fiction film is that they are bound to think that there is something else existing somewhere else far from this planet. Keeping in view this factor they apprehend the approach of the director, who has to be quite comprehensive while displaying such creative ideas. 

Movie Review - Divergent (2014)

James Cameron is considered to be the finest in this respect and this is only and only due to the vast imagination of his that his screen play is so strong that sometimes it is breath taking for the audience. The same thing has been tried in Divergent. A lot is left to be fantasized by the viewers and this is the best thing about it because all such movies provide the audience with food for thought and that is why they are wildly liked by the Americans. 

When it comes to believe something people go in two directions. Some of them opt for religion while the others are found more interested in science and so are found watching such movies. People of today love that margin of imagination which is provided to them by films like Divergent. 

Here in this film you find a woman who is one of her breed only and is divergent to the creatures around. Somehow she comes to know about the secret plan of finishing all such divergent that can prove to be dangerous. Now this species is left with a very short time within which she has to find her cure in order to be like the creatures around. 

She is on the verge of danger throughout the film and the director has produced marvelous scenic beauty to justify his superstitious theme.  Science fiction films mostly raise such questions which are beyond the reach of a common man and sometimes they display romance as well. This series started from star wars and then it spread like a virus in the 

whole walk of film making. The film is based on a homogeneous society where they divide people into various categories according to their personality traits. One of them proves to be opposite to them by chance and now she has to seek her survival in her own way. 

She is left with no other option than to leave her faction and finally she joins a rival group where she finds an older man and feels emotionally attached to him. The story constitutes a beautiful screen play for romance and fiction at the same time.

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